5 Things About Strange Inventions Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You


Eventually, there were a lot of inventions that assisted the growth of humanity and raised the living standards. We have shown that there are no boundaries or limits

There are some other kinds of inventions, those addressed to a particular section of the population. By far, those are among the strangest factors you have seen.

Driving Under Hypnosis

Hypnotist Henry Blythe gives his little girl Sally, 17, guidance before she begins a driving lesson at Torque, England, Jan 15, 1960. Blythe says that he hypnotizes her as he has 40 other new drivers, all of them have passed their test. Sally has not yet taken her test. Now that’s something weird invention. (AP Photo)

Japanese Scientist Creates Burgers Out of Human Faces

You would almost be basically eating shit when you put into one of these burgers. Created with patties of synthetic beef that are designed out of necessary protein and fats from human faces, ‘shit burger’ tastes just like a regular hamburger its looks and tastes have been improved with food complexion and steak sauce. However, it tastes, would you still chew into it if you realized what went into it?

A Refrigerator you won’t believe That it Only Opens If You Smile at It

Say no to depression-induced binge with this “smart” fridge that only opens when you smile at it. Developed to make sure that its customers continue to smile despite the smash of everyday life, the ‘Happiness Counter’ uses a photographic camera to identify pleasure before determining if you are “happy” enough to get access to its material. If you want to eat, better display those beautiful whites!

Nigerian Teenage Girls Create Urine-Powered Electrical Generator

Four Nigerian ladies introduced new meaning to the term “waste recycling” with their urine-powered generator. Using pee as an electrolytic cell to separate out hydrogen, this innovative system is able to provide six hours of electricity with every litter of liquid waste. As pee is an organic, sustainable resource, this could be regarded a fresh technology that is ironically, not-so-clean.

In China, Theirs A weird Machine Invented Which Automatically Extracts Sperm from The Penis

China medical centres have presented an “automatic sperm cell extractor” that successfully mechanizes the sex-related process. Used to retrieve sperm cell from patients who have problems producing sperm cell in the conventional way, the machine could be personalized to match the person’s selections of speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature. This is certainly an effective way of collecting sperm, but perhaps less gratifying without the human touch?

Vibrating Tattoo Alerts Users About In-Coming Messages, Calls, Emails

Upon getting magnetic signals from a cell phone, Nokia’s haptic tattoo would deliver “a perceivable impulse” through the person’s skin to alert them of incoming calls, sms and e-mails. These vibrations could even be customized to match different contacts so you would know who is trying to get in contact. This should create sure that you never skip another call in your life.

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