6 Hidden Netflix Gems No One Talks About!

Netflix Gems

Netflix offers so many movies and TV shows that choosing the perfect one to watch can be difficult too much to deal with. Here’s a look at some of the best Netflix Gems to add to your queue for the next time you don’t know what to watch on Netflix.

1.      Polar

6 Hidden Gems on Netflix No One Talks About!

First on our list is Polar. What if John Wick was more violent, more nihilistic, and with a gleeful undercurrent of shock humour and an honest exploration of the mental effects of a violent life? (Netflix Gems)

That’s Polar for you, the story of one man’s hunt to relax and secure his pension. Mads Mikkelsen, is the lead Danish actor who is best known for his starring role on the stylish TV version of Hannibal, stars as Duncan Vizla, a highly effective it is a story about assassin who is forced by his corporate bosses to retire at age 50 and enjoy his golden years with no worries. Of course, his company plans to kill off to avoid funding his pay-out, from a lovely cabin in Montana, Duncan has to fight off some violent attacks while also dealing with PTSD and forging a friendship with a neighbour with demons of her own.

2.      ARQ

6 Hidden Gems on Netflix No One Talks About!

Groundhog Day may seem like a comedy, but it’s actually a horror movie. Seriously: A guy is such a nasty person that the universe spontaneously conspires to make him shape up by sticking him in a time loop from which he cannot escape, that’s a living nightmare. (Netflix Gems)

ARQ takes Groundhog Day for the horror movie it is and runs with it. Robbie Amell stars as an engineer responsible for a world-changing technology, only to find himself dealing with a home invasion brought on by bad dudes who want his technology for their own means. Our protagonist gets stuck in a time loop, forcing him to experience his horrible situation over and over again, until he can find a way out.

3.    IBoy

6 Hidden Gems on Netflix No One Talks About!

Life is an especially dingy and crime-filled part on London is rough for Tom, a shy and awkward teenager who just wants to go about his business and maybe take things to the next level with his friend Lucy. When he goes over her apartment to study together, he’s greeted by thugs who have just savagely attacked Lucy and her brother. Tom runs away and tries to call the police, only for the thugs to shoot him in the head and leave him for dead. The good news: He survived!

The bad news: He wakes up two days after the attack with bits of his phone stuck inside in his severely damaged noggin. Luckily, like some kind of Silicon Valley Spider-Man, the advanced computing technology in the phone merges with Tom’s brain give him superpowers. With those great powers, he takes it as his responsibility to track down the bad guys who nearly killed Lucy. (Netflix Gems)

4.    Gerald’s Game (Netflix Gems)

Based on a Stephen King novel from the early 90’s, Gerald’s Game begins like those countless “Erotic thrillers” that populated late-night cable TV in that era: Married couple Gerald and jessie go away for a sexy weekend in a cabin in the woods. But nothing good ever happens to people in a Stephen King story. They engage in some increasingly troublesome bedtime play which suddenly ends when Gerald dies of a heart attack while Jessie remains cuffed to the bed. With very little hope of escape or rescue, jessie’s mind rears up to attack her, presenting numerous hallucinations that feel real. Gerald’s Game more or less takes place all in one room, making the horror that much more intense and palpable. The film creates an intimacy and emotionally powerful connection with Jessie as the horror unfolds.

5.    Wheelman

What if Baby Driver wasn’t a soundtrack-driven action comedy, and was instead an unpredictable, intricately plotted suspense thriller about a getaway driver having his worst ever day at work. That’s the logline for Wheelman, which also feels like the greatest Jason Statham movie that Statham never made. Frank Grillo portrays the unnamed, unflappable wheelman in bank heist scheme, just out of prison and in debt to a Boston crime family. Everything that could go wrong does, but it’s not all that funny. It’s stressful enough driving a getaway car for a robbery, and it’s even more nerve-wracking for the wheelman when he gets more or less carjacked by another band of mysterious criminals.

Much of the action takes place inside the car and inside the head of the wheelman, speeding along from one high-pressure situation to another.

6.    Spectral (Netflix Gems)

6 Hidden Gems

James Badge Dale plays Clyne, one of the smartest people in the world. Clyne is a DARPA scientist employed by the U.S military to develop weapons technology to use in the ongoing Moldovan War in Eastern Europe. He’s summoned to the front lines to consult on some strange findings by one of his best gadgets, hyper-spectral goggles, it would seem some troops wearing the goggles spotted some ghostly figures out in the wild that tend to kill whatever they come in contact with. Before the military can report to their higher-ups, they need Clyne to figure out just what it is, and so off he goes into the war zone to stalk the beast alongside a special ops team and C.I.A operatives.

What they find is way worse and more complicated than they thought possible. A harrowing war movie with the elements of District 9 and Predator thrown in, Spectral is clever, intense, and worth a watch.

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