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Horror Movies

Every horror genre film can’t be a masterpiece and horror genre movie not always about ghosts and spirit, but beyond all those crappy sequels and the straight-to-DVD dreck, there are a few horror movies we’d describe as pretty much perfect. From stories about haunted house to films about possessed parents/children, these horror movies are practically flawless.


Horror Movies

The Silence of the Lambs

There aren’t any vampires or werewolves in The Silence of the Lambs. Instead, this Oscar-winning thriller is about real-life monsters. When Lecter stares straight into the camera, you’re looking into the eyes of a genuine demon… a monster you might actually meet on the street.

“What is your worst memory of childhood?” “The death of my father.” Jonathan Damme’s movie is steeped in Gothic horror. Hannibal’s dank cell and Buffalo Bill’s dungeon look like lairs you’d find in an Edgar Allan Poe story. The acting matches the unpleasantly bright in colour style, with Anthony Hopkins giving an electrifying performance as the world’s most charming psychopath. Jodie Foster provides the perfect counterbalance as Clarice Starling: The character is gritty and ambitious — inexperienced, but strong. Of course, murderous cannibals will always be pretty scary… but the real horror is the film’s depiction of a woman living in a male-dominated world.

Damme uses his unique camerawork and incredible composition to show Starling surrounded by intimidating dudes, from squaring off with a roomful of cops to her nightmare showdown with Buffalo Bill. But she never backs down… and her deathly dance with Hannibal makes for one of the most twisted relationships ever seen on the big screen.

Horror Movies


What’s more tragic? Choosing your own destruction, or being destined to fail? That’s the question at the heart of Hereditary.

Hereditary Hailed as the scariest movie of 2018, Hereditary is certainly frightening, and it features one of the most twisted endings in horror history. (Horror Movies) But the film offers a lot more than scares and screams. It’s a disturbing examination of family life, the corrosive power of grief, and the crippling power of mental illness.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Yes, the film features seances, spirits, and what might be the creepiest cult ever committed to celluloid. Yes, the movie will keep you checking your ceiling for months to come. And yes, that scene involving a sketchbook and a fireplace will cause your jaw to hit the floor.

However, the real power of Hereditary comes from the sense of foreboding that lingers over the entire film. Just like Toni Collette’s character builds miniature dolls and tiny rooms, it sometimes feels like our lives are being manipulated by unseen forces. Hereditary seems to suggest that no matter how hard you try to escape your past, the traits you inherit will haunt you forever.

Horror Movies

It Follows (Horror Movies)

If you’ve ever watched a slasher film, you know that only virgins get out alive. If the monster catches you getting intimate, he’ll introduce your face to Mr. Knife.

But writer-director David Robert Mitchell decided to play with that old cliché in It Follows, a horror film where having sex can kill you… but it can also keep you alive. This 2014 film involves a young girl who contracts a supernatural STD. Unless she passes it along, she’ll be killed by a shape shifting monster.

“Never go into a place that doesn’t have more than one exit. It’s very slow but it’s not dumb.” If she dies, the creature will hunt down the guy who gave it to her…and so on and so forth. It feels like an actual urban legend, but this film is scarier than any Creepy pasta. That’s because the movie monster is one of the most terrifying in recent memory. You can’t reason with It. You can’t outrun It. Like death, it just keeps coming. You don’t know when.

You don’t know how. But rest assured, it will stagger into view sooner or later. It’s as inevitable as growing old, and as relentless as time.

Drag Me to Hell (Horror Movies)

Horror-comedy is tough. So many would-be chillers wind up stumbling over their own goofiness. But Sam Raimi, the man behind the Evil Dead franchise, is a master at blending fear and fun.

Still, not enough horror fans appreciate Drag Me to Hell. That’s a shame, because this 2009 film is pitch perfect when it comes to melding dark humour with genuinely disturbing horror.

The plot follows by a vengeful old witch cursed young woman. Christine will be dragged to hell in three days, and until then, she’ll be haunted by a powerful demon. (Horror Movies) This simple plot lets Raimi indulge all his gross-out horror urges, from eyes popping out of cakes to wormy corpses.

It’s a grotesque, ghoulishly fun romp that even includes a foul-mouthed, incredibly fierce old goat. But Raimi pulls no punches when it comes to the scares and Drag Me to Hell features one of the most frightening endings you’ll ever watch through your fingers.


Take Ridley Scott’s known for his cold directing style and Sigourney Weaver’s badassery, and you’ve got the freakiest sci-fi Horror movie ever made.

Released in 1979, Alien is a truly terrifying experience. Everything you see on-screen, you can just about feel on your skin. No matter how you slice it, this is basically a perfect horror film.

Everything in Alien is just so viscous and violent, and the alien design is. well, it’s out of this world. The Xenomorph feels like something that could exist in real life, and the film brilliantly exploits our deep-seated fear of parasites.

The idea of a creature crawling around your innards is truly disgusting, so when the alien pops out of Kane’s chest, it’s still one of the most visceral horror scenes ever filmed. But aside from all this monster talk, let’s not forget about Weaver as Ellen Ripley, she’s a horror hero for the ages.


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