Is Binge watching or watching entertainment movies affecting your health?

Entertainment Movies

Binge watching is new trend now a days. People are watching entertainment movies and completing an entire web series or Netflix series in just one sitting. Playing the newest Zelda from start to finish and they call it entertainment, most of us spend a significant time in front of screens and watching binge series.

Is binge watching is really bad for your body and mental health?

Entertainment Movies

In the past, watching television may had deadly effect on body and brain. In 1967, an error in manufacturing led to the emitted harmful X-Rays with radiation levels 100,000 times higher than what is considered safe today. But even modern televisions which we call smart TV or LED TV’s can cause a strain on your eyes.

Reason of Bad Health

There is a reason behind strain in your eyes. Because under normal circumstances, humans blink around 18 times per minute. But when you are staring at a screen of your television or smartphones or your laptop, this rate decreases drastically and cause sore and tired eyes.

Fortunately, (entertainment movies) these symptoms are generally short-term of period. In children, however, living indoors is causing developmental effects on children. Simply spending extended hours on their phone and television watching Binge shows. The children who spend more time inside are suffering with condition where the eyes cannot focus properly, is seen much more frequently. This condition called Myopia.

Not only if you are constantly forced to focus on nearby objects. As opposed to far off landscapes and distances. But scientists believe that the sun itself may actually play a role in healthy eye regulation. And while you think that watching TV may feel like a nice way to relax your brain and body. But that may not always be a good thing.

Watch Less Live More

Recent a study has shown that people who watch less TV, tend to burn more calories amazing right? (entertainment movies) but you know no physical activity lifestyle is a major contributor to obesity. People aren’t doing more physical activity which in result they are getting lazy day by day.

Studies has shown that if you simply do more mentally rigorous tasks. Like playing a board game, reading books or newspaper. Or simple do household activities. These activities requires more energy which burns more calories in your body.

Entertainment Movies

TV before bed may also be hurting you how?

If you want to be truly relax. (entertainment movies) Then studies have shown that watching television late night may actually reduce the hours of your good night quality sleep. Contributing to chronic sleep debt. It may also affect other bedtime activities you know what I mean.

Those who watch more than 20 hours of TV a week then there is one bad news for them. Researchers have found out that on a average there is a 44% reduction in sperm counts and quality.

perhaps the most significant findings relate directly to your life span. Not only this there is a documented correlation between TV viewing time. It is found that watching television for late hours can create a risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Habit of watching late night entertainment movies?

Multiple studies has shown recently. On how watching television for late hours is affecting your health. Have found a correlation between TV viewing time and ALL causes of death.

But as shocking as it may be, there is one more study concluded that every hour you spent in front of the TV may cut as much as 22 minutes off your life. That means your life span is reducing day by day or I say hours by hours.

Of course, correlation does not equal causation, and you can create a healthy relationship with TV how? if you consumed in moderation like anything else in limit.

Solution (Entertainment movies)

We are not telling you that you should stop watching TV, but you can limit your time of watching TV and start doing more physical activity. At the root of many of these claims is the physical inactivity associated with prolonged TV watching. You know what I mean it’s simple as it said, the more you move, the more you live.

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