It’s Time To Fill Your Brain With Some Interesting Facts!

  • Have you ever thought of it that why can’t bots check “I am not a robot” checkboxes?

The reCAPTCHA monitors the path the user’s mouse takes. While a bot would instantly move to the precise coordinates of the checkbox in a straight line, a human would not.

Wait there are more interesting facts are waiting for you.

  • Why does the same side of the moon always face the Earth?

Hmm, this is sound interesting the answer is “tidal locking”. The moon is tidally locked to Earth, which means the amount of time it takes to rotate on its own axis is the same as the time it takes to revolve around Earth.

  • Why do scientists say a rise of temperature of just 1.5-degree Fahrenheit or 2 degree Celsius would mean disaster for the world? How can such a small change have such a big impact on Earth?

Its because it takes a huge amount of heat to warm the whole planet, atmosphere, oceans and land, even by just one degree. The last time was 5 degree Celsius less than it is today was during the Ice Age 20,000 years ago. In the18th century, the temperature was 1 degree Celsius less than it is now, and the sea froze up off the coast of New York. So, now you can see a 2-degree Celsius increase is going to be unbearably hot.

  • Have you ever got this thought that why is it so quiet when it snows?

The answer is snow absorbs sound rather well, just like foam, because of all the empty space between the snowflakes.

Wait where are you going? There more facts waiting for you.

  • Why do water bottles have a “Flat” bottom, and a soft drink bottles have a “five-pointed” bottom?

Since soft drinks are aerated, a flat bottom would bulge as pressure increases when it’s warm. The five bumps prevent this.

  • Have you ever noticed this that why do I look better in the mirror that I do in a photo taken by a camera?

Want to know why? It’s because you’re looking at the flipped image of yourself in the mirror, while the photo isn’t flipped. There is one more reason behind this that you are more familiar with the face you see in the mirror.

  • Have you ever wondered that why does time seem to speed up with age?

Have you ever got this question on your mind? The answer is as you grow old, everyday life becomes routine, and so you pay less attention to minor things than you did when you were young. So, if you want to slow down the time, try learning a new skill that would help you to slow down some time and you can enjoy little moments of your life and create new memories for yourself.

In today’s time we all have smart phones and on that there is number save with name of emergency call, when your phone shows “No signal” or “No coverage” simply means no coverage for your carrier network. An emergency call would pick up on any other mobile network of which you are in range.

So, if there is no coverage for any network, you wouldn’t be able to make an emergency call at all and that’s true.

Four-wheel-drive [4WD] provides equal power to all four wheels, so it can provide more traction, making it perfect for unpaved wilderness. Whereas All wheel drive [AWD] provides varying power to each wheel to maximise drivability, making it a better option for on-road driving.

  • How could NASA communicate with Voyager 1, which is 21 billion Kilometre away and receive an answer when it’s hard to find a decent cell-phone signal on Earth?

Voyager 1 has a 3.7 meter, high-gain antenna always directed towards the Earth to communicate with three Deep space network stations at GHz frequencies. Cell-phones, on the other hand, use short range, ultra-high frequencies.

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