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Become The Best

Sometimes It can be feeling impossible to move toward your dreams. You know exactly what you want to do (Motivational thoughts), but there are endless difficulties in your way which are creating obstacle for you.

In today’s time there is so much competition — thousands or millions of people competing with you to do exactly what you want to do.

How can you get out of this rat race?

How do you think you are advance quick enough to not have your dreams smashed into pieces by society and imploded by “reality”?

How do you think to make this needed leaps to move beyond the masses vying for a similar position?

After all, you have bills to pay and tons of other responsibilities. You have only a limited amount of time each day. After work and everything else you’ve got to going on, (Motivational thoughts) it’s too easy to justify waiting until tomorrow. Even if you have that raw energy to do your work, you may feel guilty sometime to breaking from your relational obligations.

It truly can feel hopeless and overwhelming. There’s so much to learn. It can be easy to doubt our own abilities. Maybe we should just give up easily and accept reality for what it is right?

The Truth Is…


Most of the competition is not hard to surpass. They’re dealing/facing with the same existential and practical challenges you are dealing with. Their life isn’t structured for optimal creative expression. (Motivational thoughts) They are the primary obstacle in the path. Most of the people will quite long before they ever really begin — always wanted to remain mediocre at what they do.

With a few pinches, you’ll quickly drop through a wormhole placing you in the top 5–10 percent in your field. Then the challenge becomes to move from there to the top — which movement is the real contest. Getting to the top 5–10 percent merely requires a change in your lifestyle. Getting to the top 1 percent you require a fundamental change in your being.

This post is just a framework to quickly get you into the top 5–10 percent of your field so you can begin the real quest of becoming the best at what you do.

Phase One 

Will get you to the top of 5–10 percent of your field. Once you’re get at this level, you will get paid enough for your art to live on. (Motivational thoughts) This is key, as “Once you cross the threshold of profitability, however low, your runway becomes infinite.” which means a start-up (or business of any sort) makes just enough to pay the founders’ living expenses.

What is infinite runway? Infinite runway means you are able to dedicate all your “work” time to your work. You are no longer moonlighting or squeezing time in the margins of your life. You can pay your bills and eat Ramen. (Motivational thoughts) This is where our Phase Two begins and it is really the beginning of your artistic journey to becoming the best in the world at what you do.

Phase One: Getting to Ramen Profitable (Or Sustainable)

1. Start as An Amateur

Kenzie and Harris were recently married. They both had dropped out of Brigham Young University and were working at the Apple store in downtown Salt Lake City. On the other side, they were recording music covers and posting them on YouTube and Vine.

They had enough money in saving account to live on a year, so they quit job at Apple to make a run at becoming professional musicians. Every day, they would post Vines. For several months, their work went mostly unnoticed. They had a few thousand followers’ tops.

Then, everything changed. They posted a Vine that immediately went viral. The very next day, they were contacted by some of the top Viner’s as well as agents who gave them their contracts. They were now Ramen Profitable, had an amazing connection, and on their way to making an amazing career as a musician.

Kenzie and Harris may be wouldn’t have had their breakthrough if they didn’t start as amateurs. They had some raw talent. But more than anything, they were willing to put themselves out there over and over again and again. Quantity became quality. And then that time comes when they put something out that people loved.

A very few people have the humility to start as an amateur. They postpone doing the work they want in the name of perfectionism. You know these people. The one’s who have been saying for years that they’re going to do something and act but never do. Yet within the mind, they’re terrified of what other people will think of them.

Rather than doing work in their own way, they do what they think will be well-received being merely imitators of what is already popular.

2. Get Education (Motivational thoughts)

Take your dreams seriously. Most people don’t take their dream serious enough to become an amazing and move upward in life. Get education.

Ever since I returned from a two-year mission trip, I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. However, my dream just remained a creation of my brains imagination until I became serious enough to get a mentor.

I’ve had two mentors that have changed how I write. One of my mentors who was a young professor who taught me more in three months than I had ever learned in the previous three years.

Actually, he taught me about academic writing and research in three months than the most people learn through an entire Ph.D. course. With the help of him, I was easily able to crack into the graduate school of my choice.

I started blogging about 11 months ago. Knowing this is something I’m really serious about, I decided to get coaching about this. However, this time, I did it in the form of an online course.

Within a month of taking an online course, I wrote a blog post that was read over one hundred times across multiple outlets and in several languages. This online course was not the only reason for my success, but it was an important part of my progression I would inevitably get one way or another.

You’ll know that when you’re ready for the next level when you attract the right teacher who will help you get there.

3. Stop Living with the Broken Rules Everyone Else Is Living! (Motivational thoughts)

If it’s popular it’s wrong. You know why most people are mediocre at what they do for a reason. They’re playing by the rules and rules just halt optimal performance. They are climbing that traditional ladders which intended to slow them down and keep them average as always.

When everyone else is zigging, that’s the time when you zag. Darren Hardy once said that you should run “toward that thing everyone else is running from” in order to stand out alone from the crowd.

As Peter Diamandis once said, “The day before you see something is a breakthrough, then it’s a crazy idea.” If what you’re doing doesn’t seem slightly crazy to you, and very crazy to other people, you’re probably following the safe path in your life.

Instead of following the rules created/set by the society, create your own rules. Restructure the game to automate your success. Dismiss the haters, convention, and conformity. Always try to follow what your heart says and the voice inside you which encouraging faith and forward movement. In order to live a happy life, you must first build a lifestyle around being true to yourself. If you’re really true to yourself, good things will follow you.

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