Want to do Time Traveling? Here we came up with a solution.

Want to do Time Traveling? Here we came up with a solution.

Time Machine
 ➡ What would happen if the three dimensions of space was no different from the dimension of time, in which we live in. 💡 


What happen if is it possible that you could travel to the past and to the future the same way you can move forward or backward.

Which kind of time machine would you need for time travel?

Do you think you be able to change the past and if you did would it create a time paradox?

How many times have you wished you could just jump in a time machine and skip that boring meeting? or choose a bitter comeback in that argument last week? Or want to change something in past you wish you never did that? Time travel that only happens in sci-fi, sounds like some wild crazy fantasy movies.

But do you know we’re actually traveling in time every day. Albert Einstein found that time is not a constant but it’s continually moving forward. We’re also moving forward with it. According to Einstein time is the fourth dimension together with three-dimensional space. It’s fused into a single four-dimensional quantum space-time.

Before we get on a plane you think of traveling in space moving upwards is a bit of a challenge. At least take the stairs. So maybe we just haven’t come up with a proper blueprint of Time machine to travel in time.

Yet theoretically building a time machine is possible but the secret to time travel isn’t in some exotic form of matter. What you’d need for time travel is a spaceship that could travel almost as fast as light.

Einstein’s theory of relativity taught us that the faster we move through space the slower we move in time.


Time Dilation

Let’s assume you were in a spaceship traveling at 99.9 percent the speed of light to a potentially habitable exoplanet. Some 40 light years away. You find some primitive life-forms and speed back to earth to share your discovery. But when you finally make it back to the earth you discover that all your friends and colleagues are now very very old. From your perspective you’d only been gone for about two years. But for people on earth you’d been gone for 80 years. This phenomenon is known as time dilation. It’s not likely to happen to like you though because traveling at the speed of light isn’t quite possible with the technology we have now.

Apollo 10

The fastest piloted vehicle we’ve ever created was Apollo 10 reached a speed of 11,000 meters per second. The speed needed for time travel is somewhere near 299 million meters per second. On top of that accelerating at that speed a force that would rip you apart because it would cause an enormous centrifugal force. Before you came anywhere close to light speed. But hey! don’t lose hope we still have wormholes. Now the questions arise what is warm hole? Albert Einstein predicted that these theoretical tunnels which linked two separate places and two different times is a shortcut to another time and another universe.


The problem with wormholes is they’re extremely tiny just a billion trillion trillionth of a centimeter across no human would be able to fit through. I can barely fit in my shirts from last year. We might be able to enlarge a wormhole, If only we could capture a wormhole.

😉 Imagine like a giant tunnel above the earth connecting to another planet. Theoretically, if we put both the ends of a wormhole in the same place but the time will be different we could step into a wormhole and come out in the distant past. But wormholes have their issues. They’re very short-lived and traveling into the past would create paradoxes like the one in which you go back in time and convinced your grandmother never to get married. Then your grandmother doesn’t give birth to your dad he doesn’t have you.

Time is linear it only goes forward for that reason we can only travel into the future not to the past. In fact astronauts that spent about a year on the International Space Station are now living in the future compared to us even though it’s just 13 milliseconds in the future. They’re proof that traveling a time is possible and maybe wormholes could open up. A whole different world where the laws of physics work in different ways and traveling to the past is possible. Would you dare step into a time machine not knowing where it would take you and if you had the choice where would you go and when.


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