What Happens If You Stopped Sleeping!


Wake up! Are you late again? Sometimes we wish we never had to deal with this morning struggle and just stop sleeping.
But what would happen if you just decided not to go to bed? What would happen if you somehow figured out how to keep yourself awake forever and never sleep?

How Long could you last without sleeping?
Do you think how would you be productive without recharging every night?
What exactly would happen to your body?

Stopped Sleeping

This is Thinks to know and this will happen to your body if you stopped sleeping. How often have you needed just a few more hours to finish a project, get ready for a date or enjoy your day off?
If you took sleep out of your daily routine, you have all 24 hours of the day to do everything you never had time for. Whatever a few yawns and some minor tiredness if it meant you never had to waste any more time lying in bed for no good reason? Turns out, there are plenty of good reasons to sleep.

The average person spends one-third of their life lying in bed, eye shut, snoring away. Sounds like a waste of valuable time. But not for your body. While you sleep, your body releases hormones and repairs tissues, replacing your old cells with new ones. If you worked really hard that day, you need good sleep to let your muscles grow and your fat burn, so sleep is important.

So, what happens if you don’t sleep? Not much at first. After just 24 hours you’d feel completely fine. In fact, you’d feel better than “Fine”. That’s because sleeplessness stimulates the Mesolithic pathway in your brain. This pathway would release dopamine and you’d feel happy and full of energy. But don’t be fooled by all that happiness – It’s not going to last long, soon after reaching the 24-hour mark, all your reactions would slow down. Your brain drastically would start to forget what you were doing at the same time. Apparently, you’d appear as you are drunk, Wait, Let’s come back to our topic So, where were we? Right.

Now, what about two days without sleep? At that point in time, your body would automatically start shutting down. It would stop the chemical process of metabolizing glucose and will leave you with no energy supply in your body. You’d start looking very pale – like a character from the Middle Ages. Your eyes will turn red and then more bad news- your wrinkles would become more visible.
On day three, that’s when the real fun begins.


Starved of REM sleep, your brain would bring all your dreams and nightmares to life. When you reached to 72-hour mark you’d start breaking down your own protein now that’s something you should be worried of.
Your Muscles
So, say goodbye to all those muscles mass you worked so hard to build up. Your body will start using up all the energy sources it could find inside your body. Glucose leftovers, your muscles, fat, tissue. After reaching the two weeks mark, your immune system will become so weak, that you could even die from the common flu. Eventually, three weeks after your last sleep, you’d probably die of a heart attack.

If you have got a little extra muscle or fat on your body, you could stay alive just a little bit longer. But we strictly don’t recommend this to anyone try this at home anyway. So, grab yourself a pillow, and take a good tight sleep. If it seems like you’re always tired, make sure you are getting the prescribed 6-8 hours of sleep per night.

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